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Lieu Dit “Grube” CHÂTENOIS – BP 20283 – 67606 SÉLESTAT CEDEX

Our Values


See in the change of sources of opportunity, look for the positive before seeing the limits, is a source of energy for others, highlights success.


Respect is a value that enables people to recognize, accept, appreciate and value the qualities of others and their rights. So to speak, respect is the recognition of the inherent value and rights of individuals and society. In addition to being considerate, respecting the other means also keeping its commitments to its employees over time.


Seeks continuous improvement and is a force of proposal, is available for the unexpected, drives its performance indicators. Every day focuses on self-improvement and advancing the business.


Is committed to serving the company, is honest and transparent, does not allow itself to be corrupted. Seeks to have impeccable conduct.


Seeks criticism from others and seeks to use it. Diversity and difference are seen as a wealth, a source of dynamism and creativity.

Our key figures

Hectares of storage

The total storage area is 47,500 m2 spread over 2 sites.


60 tractors, 20 carriers, 6 trailer trucks, 5 tanks, 30 dumpsters, 60 semi-trailers…


The group has more than 120 employees spread over 4 companies.

Million Euros

All companies have a turnover of more than EUR 14.8 million.